No one’s spent more time in the woods of Beacon Hills than you

Dylan O’Brien dancing on ‘Despierta America’ [x]


"I am a partially deceased syndrome sufferer and what I did in my untreated state was not my fault."
Kieren Walker portrait.

bbcthree , bbcamerica #saveintheflesh. We need a third series, and this show deserves it.

…there’s what i believe


my sister’s view on one direction’s fashion sense:

  • louis: “smoked weed once and won’t let anyone forget it”
  • zayn: “posh college student ft. laid back beyonce”
  • harry: “hippie mom that’s a little too happy about being pregnant”
  • niall: “frat boy… might’ve sucked some dick but no one judges him”
  • liam: “he looks like he’s about to get into a rap battle”

Just give us Derek. You don’t want him anyway. Haven’t you noticed what a downer he is? No sense of humour, poor conversationalist.

if any of you are new to the teen wolf fandom and have to go through the nine month hiatus for the first time just know i’m hfy