screams   never over this scene   because his beliefs his agenda his MISSION is his purpose   its what saved him   and he throws it away   throws what he was sent to do   for a boy he just met but fell for the moment he saw those scars   and realized how alike they were   even before he knew how truly special kieren was   he loved him   this is like a prophet telling his lord to fuck off   because he has found his love   found what needs to be protected   kieren is his anomaly   and its beautiful   otp: and then there’s you   in the flesh   (via deimosluna)

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this could be us but you playing

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are you okay?

I’m done with teenage boys.

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casually hopes jordan parrish is a sort of fae

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their voices whisper to me
             in the d a r k n e s s


W h a t  is our code?

We hunt t h o s e who hunt us.

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